If a Maharajah opened the doors of Boucheron’s studio today, what would he say?

The Maharajahs of India did not mind dressing up in the most expensive, sumptuous and rarе gems from tip to toe. The extravagant Maharajah Sir Bhupinder Singh, ruler of the princely state of Patiala from 1900 to 1938, was no exception – rather, an exemplary connoisseur of opulent and magnificent jewels.

According to Alain Boucheron, in 1927, the pompous arrival of the Maharajah to Place Vendôme was accompanied by caskets filled with a prodigious amount of precious stones -emeralds, sapphires, rubies and pearls (Master Jewelers by A. Kenneth Snowman).

A tribute to prosperity, high mastership and extreme beauty, Boucheron’s New Maharajah collection stands at the junction of two eras, two distinctive cultures and mindsets: those grandiose jewels created by Boucheron for the Maharajah of the past, and twenty-first century Europe.

Boucheron is building a bridge across centuries and continents. The Maison’s Creative Director, Claire Choisne, revisited one of the most desirable orders ever placed at Place Vendôme and figured out what they could offer to a modern Maharajah.

An epitome of jewelry tradition and history, this French luxury jewelry house, dating back to the 19th century, brings together advanced technology, cutting-edge craftsmanship, the highest industry standards and impressive heritage jewels.

In this new collection, curious and innovative Claire made a radical decision to use, with just a few exceptions, mainly transparent and white gems and metals: diamonds, pearls, rock crystal and white gold. She modernized the archive designs by resizing them and making them multifunctional, to fit the purposes and lifestyle of the contemporary international elite.

The New Maharani parure comprises three dramatic and delicate necklaces: the Majestic Lotus Necklace, the Crystal Necklace, and the Nacre Necklace, which were designed to be worn together. However, each of these masterpieces also shines on its own. Besides, the necklaces may be disassembled, rearranged and transformed into multiple wearable versions.

In the monochrome Majestic Lotus Choker Necklace, resembling, according to Claire Choisne, a diamond lace, diamonds intersperse with the pure drops of rock crystal to make the magnificent, transformable piece look featherlight.

The New Maharani Crystal Necklace, with several strands of carved stone crystal, interspersed with diamond details and white pearls, is closed at the back with cords and adorned with pearl tassels.

Meanwhile, the New Maharani Nacre Necklace has a large, flat tassel, crowned with a diamond and mother-of-pearl lotus flower, and can be transformed into as many as seven different forms, including a short necklace and two pearl bracelets.

Rock crystal symbolizes purity of thought, innocence and fidelity. The ten subtle New Churiyans Bracelets were inspired by the bangles of Indian brides. Their coquettish, tinkling sound is a subtle reminder of the wearer’s presence at any occasion and in any location. When not adorning the wrist, they can be stored on a mother-of-pearl bobbin, designed specifically for them. 

The product of innovation and the inquisitive mind of the creators, this retrospect with its modern outlook is anything but old-fashioned. The advanced technology and design, the sublime, monochrome and tastefully transparent palette, intelligent and masterful use of beaming diamonds, opalescent pearls and water-clear crystal make for an astonishing result, bound to remain in the history of jewelry. 

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