Blending art and technology to evoke the perfect beauty of nature.


So often when I was a little girl (and even not so little!) I would take little flowers and examine every petal and color, tying them around my finger or placing them in my hair. Of course, the flower would always fade, but Boucheron has made the dream of such floral jewelry perfection come true with their collection “Nature Triomphante” – capturing the beauty of flowers’ utmost realism.

The technique used to render these pieces leverages some of our most advanced technology – it’s a wonder, really, how much hard science these soft, beautiful pieces depend on. Each piece is modeled after a real flower, with the bloom cycle of each studied closely to determine them at their most luxurious and opulent. From there, each petal and pistil was scanned four times by an MRI scanner before being placed on an exact, 3D-printed titanium mold of each piece and covered with a velvety lacquer.

The result is both stunning and titanium-strong. Each piece has been extensively tested and the flowers are fully stable, captured at their high point of beauty and bloom. It’s the culmination of two years of work on the part of Claire Chosen [Creative Director of Boucheron] and her team & time spent developing flower stabilization techniques and executing the overall concept.

The collection of rings is absolutely timeless, both a show-stopper and subtle in its remarkable natural beauty!

Special thanks to artist Hakan for his incredible illustration we commissioned for this article – it captures the elegance of the collection perfectly. Hake Arblom @inkycubans


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