Touch the sky. Catch the birds. Fly with the clouds. Dive into the lightning. Impossible?

Not anymore, if you know where to look. Maison Chaumet, the Parisian jewelry house since 1780, presents a new 2019 High Jewelry collection, evoked by the skies—Les Ciels De Chaumet: celestial masterpieces for graceful terrestrial beings.

The name of the collection is the direct reference to the creator’s muse. The jewelers of the Maison drew inspiration in the clear and cloudy skies, the radiance of the sun, the movement of the stars, the bolts of lightning; in the paintings of Picasso and Matisse, Van Gogh and Turner; in the poems of Nerval and Mallarmé. Tiaras and brooches, necklaces and earrings—the free-flowing rhapsodies to woman’s beauty, contemporary femininity, delicate symbolism behind every piece.

The collection is stunning: light, delicate, young-spirited, modern and perfectly balanced. Comprised of so many stones, the pieces—bound to look massive and heavy—look airy and fresh. Through the incredible color combinations and artisan craftsmanship, Chaumet substantializes the metamorphoses of the sky, gives them shape, transforming emotions into intricate masterpieces.

The collection comprises four themes, four moods of the sky: the evanescent clouds and the whimsical lightning in Les Caprices du Ciel; the nuances of the sun in Les Couleurs du Ciel; the beaming stars in Les Fulgurances du Ciel; and the precious birds in the Les Habitants du Ciel.

Our favorite pieces, all in white and yellow gold, are the ‘Lueurs d’Orage’ ring, set with an Imperial topaz, yellow sapphires and diamonds; ‘Nuages d’Or’ ring, set with diamonds; ‘Lueurs d’Orage’ earnings, set with Imperial topazes, pink morganites, sapphires, onyx and diamonds; ‘Nuages d’Or’ earrings, set with yellow sapphires and diamonds; and ‘Envol’ earrings, set with diamonds, tsavorite garnets, and yellow and green sapphires.

The powerful, elemental symbols behind these oeuvres d’art speak to the innermost essence of the celestial dome, glorified and feared by our ancestors and vastly explored, yet still keeping many secrets, in the modern ages.

The traces of falling stars in the earrings, the lace of constellations in the diadems, the modulations of capricious storm in the necklaces. Now you know where to look—to rediscover the skies…


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