In a moon mood at Dior timepieces…



We’re on moon watch (it’s a pun!) here at The Jewelry Icon with the Dior VIII Montaigne Clair de Lune. With celestial patterns appearing on runways for several years now, we can’t help but wonder if a broad shift is afoot toward a more heightened sense of spirit and connection to the astral realm.

The moon itself has long been linked to the subconscious, emotional self. Associated with “yin” energy, mankind also hasn’t been able to help an association with femininity and mystery. Harnessing these ideas, the moon print has appeared in recent collections by trailblazers like Marine Serre and has filtered its way across the landscape, but we can’t help but return to some time-honored favorites in our exploration of the pattern.

Enter the Dior VIII Montaigne Clair de Lune. Bringing celestial and moon patterns to a timepiece is such a profound marriage, with the sky having been our timekeeper for millennia. The 36mm watch itself is stunning, with fine diamond-studded gold astrological embroidery – it’s elevation of the elevated.


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