Illustration  by Chris Gambrell

Als men waarachtig van de natuur houdt dan vindt men ’t overal mooi.   

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.  

Vincent van Gogh in a letter to his brother Theo  

An artist’s creation is the child of that artist. This is true for the cult Spanish jewelry designer Luz Camino – an indisputable authority on botanical representations in jewelry and on rendering mundane, common and unexpected objects with a new, sublime perspective.  

In Spanish, “luz” means “light”. Even last year, in the epicenter of the pandemic, Luz Camino – an amazing artist and a radiant, warm and sophisticated person – managed to find peace and beauty amidst the uncertainty, and to continue with her creative ventures.  

Today, Luz continues to shine that light onto everything she picks up, turning each item into a miniature, dreamy piece of art.  

From exquisite, expensive stones and precious metals to tin cans, Luz competently uses any materials and artefacts that she sees fit for her purposes. Through innovative techniques, experiments and a powerful imagination, she takes her jeweler’s skills to extremes and elevates ordinary objects far above the monotony of humdrum days.  

To see charm in a wilting flower requires a unique type of personality, but to be able to capture its evanescent beauty in a piece of wearable art is an entirely different level of finesse. Luz Camino is capable of it all: the subdued palette of the Wilted Hydrangea Earrings, in plique-à-jour enamel, diamonds, silver and gold, is a perfect match for every skin tone, accentuating the peculiar beauty of a human ear and serving as its refined and natural extension.  

In the large, statement Freesia Brooch, enamel, agate, silver and gold meet snow-white, delicate porcelain. Feminine, fragile and bold, this sweetly fragrant flower can act as the dramatic and quirky centerpiece for a severe business suit or as the effortless and essential companion to a feather-light silk scarf.  

Like little children in a kindergarten, every single piece within the new collection is unique: with a strong and delicate, enchanting and challenging personality as well as a deep, yet-to-be-discovered world behind shiny eyes, each waiting to blossom in the cherishing light of the right wearer.  

Most creations come in a limited edition; some, like the Dragonfly, Falcon Hunting Hood, Alpine Soldanella and Blackberry brooches, are one-of-a-kind. So, don’t wait too long!   For more information on the new Luz Camino’s collection and the trunk show at Bergdorf Goodman, visit www.luzcamino.com/bergdorf and enjoy the wonderful views.  

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