Timeless, lightweight and bohemian, this new high jewelry collection is as impressive and exquisite as the two women behind it.  

Messika by Kate Moss is the fruit of close collaboration between a marvelous jewelry designer and a world-famous supermodel, fashion icon and muse – two powerful women with unique and catchy tastes and ideas.  

They met on the set of a Messika campaign shot by Australian photographer Chris Colls, when Kate Moss became the face of Messika Paris for the second year in a row.  

During the shoot, Valérie Messika, founder and artistic director of Messika Jewelry, spotted Kate’s love for diamonds. They shared a common vision of diamond jewelry not as the representation of power and wealth but as a sign of individuality and a staple of distinctive personal style, which could be worn and enjoyed at any time, not just on big occasions: easily and contemporarily, spontaneously and organically.  

The heart of the collection is in Kate Moss’s own jewelry box which, at first sight, might seem poles apart from Messika’s designs. Art Deco, hippy 70s, bohemian pieces, an antique Indian snake, a diamond and emerald ring. Different eras, styles and cultures, You might think that Kate’s eclectic and sometimes surprising taste might have daunted Valérie. Not a bit! On the contrary, it ignited the passionate designer, renowned for her disruptive vision of jewelry and for breaking conventions, and prompted her to find a synergetic way of combining Kate’s unique style and love for vintage pieces with Messika’s modern spirit and diamond expertise.  

Through constant collaboration and discussion, visits between London and Paris, incessant reviewing of CAD drawings and messaging about what the pieces would look and feel like, the two artists reached perfect harmony – and an astonishing result: the Messika by Kate Moss high jewelry collection.  

The lace-shaped Exotic Charm cuff and earrings and the Diamond Wave ring from this new collection are refined and bold, delicate and strong, extraordinary examples of the impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising quality of Valérie Messika and the free, bohemian spirit of her muse Kate Moss.

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