Tiny crystals of the first October frost spread over rustling golden leaves and glimmer in the bright morning sun.  

Fresh, cool and zingy, the diamond-encrusted statement Leaves Earrings, Bracelet and Ring by Danish jewelry house Ole Lynggaard reveal the sculptural and naturalistic beauty of autumn’s elegant foliage.  

Ole Lynggaard is run by a creative and loving family who make sure that the brand’s values are always reflected in their designs. Solid branding, a delicate approach to detail, the highest standards of craftsmanship, appreciation of quality and the deeper meaning of both art and jewelry are passed from generation to generation: the people of this jewelry house stand by their brand and by their creations.  

Twelve years ago, Charlotte Lynggaard, Lead Designer and Creative Director of the house, created a tiara adorned with leaves and berries, reimagined in oxidized silver, white gold and diamonds. It was the beginning of the Leaves Collection with diamonds, set individually in the gold and silver leaves, ascending from small to big, and then back to small again, all the way around the rings, bangles and earrings: like dainty, ethereal crystals of frost or the trace of an ultralight raindrop.  

The satinized golden surface is processed by hand using an intricate engraving technique, producing an uncanny resemblance to the surface of a natural leaf. A trained goldsmith, Charlotte Lynggaard knows how precious metals respond to processing. More importantly, she knows that perfection takes time: this meticulous engraving takes a lot of work, but it yields fantastic results, responding to her sophisticated ideas and meeting her creative ambitions.  

Nature does not like to hurry: it takes many weeks for a leaf to grow from a tree bud and then mature. In tune with nature, Charlotte Lynggaard confesses that one cannot rush exquisite craftsmanship. 

Her patience and perfectionism are reflected in the meditative curves, texture and nuances of the Leaves Collection in which jewelry, design and nature become one.

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