A brand which invites fashion designers to create jewelry. A brand which treats high jewelry like very expensive bijoux. Who are they?

Tasaki – the Japan-founded high jeweler – is an amalgamation of tradition, quality, flight of imagination and creative audacity.

Established in 1954, Tasaki went through several decades of classic, expert and yet undistinguished jewelry-making – to become a daring, refined and exquisite high jewelry house, loved and valued by the bold and stylish.

The only jeweler in Japan to have their own pearl farms, both locally and in Myanmar, Tasaki makes the best of what this ownership has to offer: exceptional and pristine, sustainably and ethically produced pearls of the very highest quality.

The brand is also a sight-holder with De Beers, ensuring them access to the highest-grade diamonds, which are then cut into the desired shapes in their own Kobe workshops.

On top of that, the innovative genius of Tasaki’s creative and scientific minds has developed and patented SAKURAGOLD™ – a metal with the texture of 18k gold and a deeper pink hue, embodying Japanese aesthetics and making it closer to the natural color of human skin.

What started as traditional pearl jewelry has been modernized and refined through many collaborations, such as the one with Melanie Georgacopoulos. Trained as a sculptor, Melanie sliced, drilled and faceted the pearls, just as she would have done in a sculpture, jumping the hurdle between classic yet unremarkable pieces to elegant, avant-garde and audacious masterpieces.

The company’s CEO Toshikazu Tajima joined in 2009, embarking on a mission to take Tasaki from a brand producing designs which “could have been anybody” to a traditional yet progressive, exclusive Japanese high jewelry house, willing to take risks to produce exceptional and ambitious jewellery with a taste for Japanese patience, spirit, heritage and integrity.

It was Toshikazu Tajima who got the idea of inviting fashion designers to work on Tasaki’s jewelry designs to help the brand push through the status quo of mundane classics and, instead, make its creations more appealing to a modern audience.

Using original stone cuts to create a cascade of diamonds and semiprecious stones, and always playing around pearls, Tasaki has created these special earrings. Cool blue arctic frost and fresh morning dew on the moss of deep woods: modern and close to timeless nature, inspired by its beauty and magnified by imagination, as well as the sculptural take and skill of the brand’s designers and jewelers.

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