With the rich diversity of colors and natural materials available for designers and creators, it’s no wonder the ocean plays such a central role in many collections – especially for the summer. Here you’ll find some of our favorites.


The strength and enigma of the ocean have been my main sources of inspiration for several weeks now. Watching waves through my window has been my primary landscape, and seeing such power and variation paired with such stillness and repetition has me in something of a trance. It’s amazing how something so technical – the translation of wind and tide into such visible, obvious power – can yield such inspiration and beauty.

The gorgeous photography of Andrea Hamilton has proven to be compelling company for this too, her work capturing the ocean’s power and movement so fully that I can feel it.

In line with these meandering summer thoughts, I’ve picked up the most gorgeous drop earrings from Amrapali. The color play of their deeply colored blue-green tanzanite stones is unforgettable.

To pair with some of these pieces check out an awesome great summer dress by Johanna Ortiz, and a few additional fine jewelry pieces, including Amrapali, Wendy Yue, Lizzie Fortunato, Yi Collection, Matteo x Muzo.


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