To be that bold with colors, asymmetry and abstraction, you have to really know what you’re doing and have complete control over your imagination , creative powers and sense of styleistic sense. Otherwise, you risk spilling creativity and eclecticity over the top—only to becobecomingme pretentious, artificial and kitschy.

You have to be the a wizard of your artistry, the master of your creativity, and the a virtuoso of your trade.

Victoire de Castellane, creative director of Dior’s fine jewelry division, indeed is all that. With spectacular, vibrant and passionate artistic strokes that are spectacular, vibrant and passionate, she once again she proves that any technique can be translated into high jewelry. The way she Victoire interprets jewelry is consistently different and quite miraculous. Her colorful, exuberant, maximalist creations are always unpredictable, enchanting, and don’t never disappoint.

The color variations and gradations, different shapes and sizes of stones, topped with asymmetric designs: Mthe mesmerizing earrings from the new high jewelry collection Tie & Dior – with stones in varying shapes and sizes and gradations of color, all in asymmetric designs – verge upon a surreal extravaganza.

The central idea behind thise collection came from the hippyish trend of tie-dying: the sunny, free-spirited and uplifting technique of dying fabric by folding or twisting, pleating or crumpling, followed by the application of dye, characterized by bright colors and bold patterns—an optimistic and perky response to the soullessness and sterility of a mechanical, tedious daily routine.

Thee new collection, covering overwith more than 100 pieces, builds upon the previous collections: Gem Dior, —where the asymmetry, roughness and irregularity -, characteristic of raw minerals -, crystallize into little, provocatively exquisite poems, and Dior et Moi with its— playful and colorful jewels, full of asymmetrical details. Tie & Dior, in turn, is dominated by a refreshing bursts of lively, kaleidoscopic masses of color. Each vividly colored stone, selected with incredible eye for detail, complements its neighbor—as well as nd the entire overall piece. The gradations and alterations of colorful gems, with intermittent use of d by colorless diamonds, bring a refreshing movement, rhythm and harmony to these extraordinary, sizeable creations.

Instead of a loud cacophony of screaming, mismatcheding colors, patterns and shapes, the hypnotic clusters of jewels come together in ultramodern designs and gracious syntonyharmony. A bold, swirling dance of exceptional pear-, marquise- and oval-cut stones, pink and white, yellow and purple, green and grey, alongside velvety, and silky pearls, which counterbalance and contrast withing and contrasting with the shimmer of rubies, and sapphires, diamonds and emeralds.

The asymmetry of the earrings, perfectly matching each other, echoes the asymmetric beauty of human nature. The kind of asymmetry you do n’ot question, because it is always there,: in our ears, eyes and, brain lobes;; our left eyebrow arching more curiously than the right one, a dimple on the right cheek emphasizing the smoothness of the left.

Many people seem to prefer one side of their face to another: instinctively or intentionally turning it towards cameras whenever their photographsictures are taken

Could you choose just one favorite Tie & Dior earring from a dazzling asymmetric pair? I honestly couldn’t.: I love them all.

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