Strength of the Sea: Jewels Evoking the Ocean

With the rich diversity of colors and natural materials available for designers and creators, it’s no wonder the ocean plays such a central role in many collections – especially for the summer. Here you’ll find some of our favorites.


The strength and enigma of the ocean have been my main sources of inspiration for several weeks now. Watching waves through my window has been my primary landscape, and seeing such power and variation paired with such stillness and repetition has me in something of a trance. It’s amazing how something so technical – the translation of wind and tide into such visible, obvious power – can yield such inspiration and beauty.

The gorgeous photography of Andrea Hamilton has proven to be compelling company for this too, her work capturing the ocean’s power and movement so fully that I can feel it.

In line with these meandering summer thoughts, I’ve picked up the most gorgeous drop earrings from Amrapali. The color play of their deeply colored blue-green tanzanite stones is unforgettable.

To pair with some of these pieces check out an awesome great summer dress by Johanna Ortiz, and a few additional fine jewelry pieces, including Amrapali, Wendy Yue, Lizzie Fortunato, Yi Collection, Matteo x Muzo.


Turn Up the Heat: 2019 Summer Essentials

July23MK Style

MK’s picks for a happy and glamorous summer 2019.

More and more, people are rediscovering the joys of traveling light. I think back to my younger days and how I would pack suitcases full of beautiful things for my summer holidays, only to lug them around and be faced with my own frustration when I would get home, unpack, and see how many of my things went unused…

Luckily, over the years I have learned and my bags have become smaller and smaller. I’ve learned to pare down and prioritize, and I can see more clearly things I can’t go without. This year I can’t resist my favorite Johanna Ortiz swimsuits and those very summery, casually chic strappy dresses from Graces of London. I’ve also found some gorgeous and beautiful hats at Moda Operandi (to, you know, keep the sun away and my skin healthy and glowing). I’ve also added in a few precious jewelry pieces from Silvia Furmanovich and Federica Rettore for good measure, since I am a jewelry lover after all!

Cosmetics/Beauty: The beauty department is especially tough in the summer, since the threat of the sun makes it feel like we need everything. But I have some essentials that I’ve decided I can’t do without. Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection SPF 45 is probably one of the best products in the market. Very easy to apply, leaves your skin with such a soft, velvety effect. They have a SPF 15 tinted moisturizer, too, which I love. Cheek Gelee offers a very natural, summery effect. For the evenings I use a tiny drop of their illuminator as well.

Philip Kingsley is the best product for hair that I have found so far – elasticizer is a must for the summer, in case you swim a lot and your hair is inevitably exposed to the sun. You may also enjoy their after sun scalp mask and weatherproof hair spray. I picked up a few of my favorite shampoos for the summer: Re-Moisturizing Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, Moisture Extreme Hydrating Shampoo – are the best one. They can seem a little heavy, but are better in the long run for hair that is constantly wet, sandy, and being washed.

And finally, I can’t do this summer without l’Artisan Parfumeur’s Bana Banana fragrance. It’s light and gentle with a very peculiar ingredient – banana?! – that blends surprisingly and beautifully with Jasmine. Give it a try!


David Morris : [The London Jeweler]



Leading ladies have dazzled wearing his designs in no less than 14 James Bond movies. And the British luxury jeweller that is David Morris continues to attract celebrity clients in scores. Oh, and get commissions from royal families: a David Morris creation was seen on the bonnet of the vintage Aston Martin car chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their wedding day.

What is it about this London designer whose creations form part of the permanent exhibition of the Jewellery Room at the V&A. What is distinctive about this London brand, with its workshop on Bond Street, that has made it a destination for dealers in big coloured gems the world over?

I think it’s what is best described as the jewelry’s softness. Although there aren’t many men with golden guns milling around, there are plenty of James Bond girls in the world! And David’s jewelry is perfect for them: the spirit and soul of Bond style with constantly original takes on the genre.

These are some of my favourite David Morris pieces, all of which can be purchased online. Hakan Arblom’s illustrations showcase them beautifully.


Feeling emotional



I am not usually a fan of the snake chain. When I try one on, it never feels quite right.
Until I came across Nikos Koulis’ take on the snake chain I presumed this was because it was a style of jewelry best suited to women in their 20s. But the Greek jeweler who won the the Best in Gold category at this year’s Couture Design Award has changed my mind.
I love the knot silhouettes in his latest collection Feelings, and the way white and yellow gold are woven around diamonds and black enamel. It’s very cool indeed. Inspired by the designer’s childhood memories of the boat ropes he would see while walking though island ports, ‘feelings’ are exactly what this sensitive, creative collection elicits in me, too.


Living the high life


Smoking weed is now so on trend you can find marijuana motifs in high jewelry, but I remain a stubborn CBD enthusiast…


Marijuana is now very on trend with creative types — all the taboos that once surrounded it have vanished like (pot!) smoke.
However, I remain a hemp girl and I’m not interested in drugs in any shape or form.  But this doesn’t mean I don’t understand why marijuana motifs have found their way into the high jewelry: the plant’s leaves are just beautiful, and that green hue can look amazing.
And being a wellness freak means I am duly fascinated by CBD, the compound which is found in hemp, and which has many widely reported health properties including an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect on the nerves and muscles. This marvelous thing is not most definitely not to be confused with THC, the compound found in cannabis!
Thanks to great companies such as Hempen ( which makes its seed and moisturising oils from organic hemp, there are now some great creams, patches and even edible products on the market. Here are some for you to click on:

In other words, there are plenty of alternative ways to achieve that thing called tranquillity of the mind!

To add on, the green hue of the cannabis sativa plant can look pretty amazing in a piece of jewelry. See below my findings:

Some of the great jewelry and beauty products available online. Just click on my findings…


Dauphin: Cultivated, Contemporary, Cool

Dauphin creates jewelry for today’s woman…


I love the clean, structural lines of Dauphin’s work. It exemplifies what I am looking for in jewelry, and what I personally like to wear. So I was delighted to hear this cool house is working with Modus Operandi, the platform that enables women to pre-order designer pieces straight off the runway.
In her latest collection, the French designer who spent more than a decade at ballet school, injects her diamond wave earrings and pendants with a kinetic energy: this is passionate jewelry that moves with the body.
She has said elsewhere that her work is more than decoration and ornamentation. And I couldn’t agree more. This is jewelry for the contemporary woman who is feminine yet strong, free not fashionable.


ALIGHIERI [ Perfect Imperfection ]

Italian literature and Swiss sculpture inspire London jewelry…


When I first came across London designer Rosh Mahtani’s perfectly imperfect jewelry my thoughts turned immediately to the extremely tall and slender figurines of Alberto Giacomo, one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century.
The Swiss artist once said of his trademark eroded surfaces that he was not sculpting the human figure but the “shadow that is cast”. I see that same sensibility in the gold-plated pieces of Alighieri, a collection Mahtani says was inspired by the Divine Comedy.
(All the slides are shoppable, beautiful Alighieri jewelry is available for you online)


Pearls and roses are always appropriate [Jackie Kennedy]

March22MK Style

Both fragile, both feminine and both eternally beautiful, roses and pearls are a natural pairing.


In my world Pearls and Roses symbolise love and loyalty. Just ask Oscar Wilde. The other day I was reading The Nightingale and the Rose to my daughter, his heartbreaking children’s story in which a nightingale observes an emotionally distraught college student lament the absence of a red rose among the myriad of plants before him. The red rose, he wails, is needed to win over the hand of his true love.
“Mummy, what if there really were no more roses in the world!” exclaimed my daughter. “What would we do?”
“That’ll never happen,” I replied, but in truth she got me thinking. How would we cope with a world without roses and pearls?

So many perfumes and beauty products are created from this beautiful flower. I decided to dedicate a short post to them and to my favourite pearls.
Cruelty-free, vegan Chantecaille’s superb, concentrated Rose de Mai rose face oil and cream, is one outstanding example. And Chantecaille’s rose water is on the list too. It’s the best, purest rose water I have ever tried.

And I certainly don’t want to contemplate a world without my favourite Mizuki pearls! In the skilled designer hands, these orbs are transformed in highly modern and sculptural ways, perfectly reinvented for the contemporary woman. And of course, nothing flatters the complexion like pearls.


More than Picasso’s muse


Tate Modern is rightly celebrating the work of the incredible but often forgotten Dora Maar.


Picasso immortalised her in his 1937 painting Weeping Woman, but Dora Maar was always more than her tears. So here at The Jewelry Icon we are delighted that the Tate Modern has a new exhibition showcasing the work of this talented and progressive artist. In the 1930s, her provocative photomontages became celebrated icons of surrealism, and that has been too easily forgotten.
To be with a person as remarkable as Picasso, you probably need to be a big character yourself and there’s no doubt that the gorgeous and strong Maar stood up to him. But after he left her for a younger mistress, heartbroken Maar went into tailspin and lived the rest of her life alone until her death in Paris in 1997. It’s fair to say, as many have, that the decision to dedicate her life and love to Picasso, marked the end of her artistic career. Was it the wrong step?

TATE MODERN: Dora Maar Exhibition


Inspired By Lucrezia Buccellati


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The intricate stiches of the Milanese mesh steel bracelet invoke the supple threads of a satin ribbon. And as ever with the artist Eleri Mills you can see how the landscape of her rural Welsh childhood has inspired her work: the threads here recall the summer fields of Powys, where she was born, and import them into a watchmaker’s vernacular. From afar, they look like a painting. Close up, the detailing will take your breath away. The watch’s delicate ornamental stone dials are beautifully embellished with gold bezel and crown. In short, this timepiece is a beautiful marriage of Swiss watchmaking expertise with Dior fine jewelry.

Here I wear the watch with a Chaumet Ring Serp from Terres d’Or collection: an oval-cut yellow sapphire weighing 12.36 carats from Ceylon round yellow sapphires, lacquer, and brilliant-cut diamonds.




Happy 100%

July25MK Style

People talk a lot about being happy, seeking happiness, what makes them happy…but if we were to ask you, how would you reply? We presume the question would prompt some silent contemplation, going into the wilds of your mind and deep into your heart, asking yourself a hundred questions in the course of a few minutes. But then, the answer we most often find simplifies things: it focuses in on the few things in life that bring us joy. Often, we can leave the rest behind.

I’ve been asking myself this question lately too, steering away from big, glamorous goals and looking instead at the little things that bring me joy in my daily routine. I’ve found that my beauty routine in particular brings me a lot of simple joy, which I think can be the case for a lot of women. One comforting thing about it is that it makes us feel beautiful!

Here are a few things from my beauty routine that bring me joy.


I discovered this brand quite recently but have fallen in love. They make beautiful makeup products, but I’m also very drawn to their brand philosophy: naturals over synthetics, conservation over all else, and offering beautiful products. I especially love their Rose de Mai face oil. I follow it up with some tinted moisturizer and follow it up with their Cheek Gelee for a friendly, natural look.

Tom Ford

For me, eyes are key – and Tom Ford is a master of eye products. He makes a couple of items that are central to my routine. I always start with his eye base, which makes shadow stay longer and brightens the overall eye area. And the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Brown has all of the right colors – they work together perfectly! You know how usually if you buy a set there’s a color or two that you don’t use? Not the case with this quad. It’s perfect!


No beauty list is complete without a mention of Nars. I particularly adore their bronzers – it’s just a great and versatile product – and their blushes have become iconic, but their body oils are sometimes overlooked but also very special.

In the end, being 100% happy is about what you do for yourself. Treat your body with love and respect no matter what.


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