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The intricate stiches of the Milanese mesh steel bracelet invoke the supple threads of a satin ribbon. And as ever with the artist Eleri Mills you can see how the landscape of her rural Welsh childhood has inspired her work: the threads here recall the summer fields of Powys, where she was born, and import them into a watchmaker’s vernacular. From afar, they look like a painting. Close up, the detailing will take your breath away. The watch’s delicate ornamental stone dials are beautifully embellished with gold bezel and crown. In short, this timepiece is a beautiful marriage of Swiss watchmaking expertise with Dior fine jewelry.

Here I wear the watch with a Chaumet Ring Serp from Terres d’Or collection: an oval-cut yellow sapphire weighing 12.36 carats from Ceylon round yellow sapphires, lacquer, and brilliant-cut diamonds.




Happy 100%

Happy 100%

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People talk a lot about being happy, seeking happiness, what makes them happy…but if we were to ask you, how would you reply? We presume the question would prompt some silent contemplation, going into the wilds of your mind and deep into your heart, asking yourself a hundred questions in the course of a few minutes. But then, the answer we most often find simplifies things: it focuses in on the few things in life that bring us joy. Often, we can leave the rest behind.

I’ve been asking myself this question lately too, steering away from big, glamorous goals and looking instead at the little things that bring me joy in my daily routine. I’ve found that my beauty routine in particular brings me a lot of simple joy, which I think can be the case for a lot of women. One comforting thing about it is that it makes us feel beautiful!

Here are a few things from my beauty routine that bring me joy.


I discovered this brand quite recently but have fallen in love. They make beautiful makeup products, but I’m also very drawn to their brand philosophy: naturals over synthetics, conservation over all else, and offering beautiful products. I especially love their Rose de Mai face oil. I follow it up with some tinted moisturizer and follow it up with their Cheek Gelee for a friendly, natural look.

Tom Ford

For me, eyes are key – and Tom Ford is a master of eye products. He makes a couple of items that are central to my routine. I always start with his eye base, which makes shadow stay longer and brightens the overall eye area. And the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Brown has all of the right colors – they work together perfectly! You know how usually if you buy a set there’s a color or two that you don’t use? Not the case with this quad. It’s perfect!


No beauty list is complete without a mention of Nars. I particularly adore their bronzers – it’s just a great and versatile product – and their blushes have become iconic, but their body oils are sometimes overlooked but also very special.

In the end, being 100% happy is about what you do for yourself. Treat your body with love and respect no matter what.


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